Solid State Drives (SSD) Discussed

"Here is a good, understandable guide to solid state drives (SSD)," begins Jim Hamm. And now John Carter adds to the information.First, from Jim, "The article clarifies the importance of using a program like TRIM with an SSD. As I understand it, the new Mac laptops with Thunderbolt do support TRIM, and OS X 10.7 (Lion), when it comes out this summer, also supports TRIM.  Whenever I purchase my next Mac laptop, it will be with SSD. I think this is the storage technology for the future, although, as the article states, spinning hard drives will be around for years."  This article has a link to download or read online a 21 page "Hard Drive of the Future" booklet. John writes, "There’s no reason to wait until LION comes out to upgrade to an SDD with any OS. TRIM is not hardware dependent. You can use the Mac Disk Utility as explained here to fake a TRIM operation. In the MakeUseOf article, they identify several SSD vendors that provide standalone TRIM utilities, but probably not any that work with the Mac. "Be aware that you need to know which SATA interface to specify for the SSD. My iMac and MacBook Pro have the SATA I interface. The much faster and more expensive SSD drives are SATA II (3GB/s vs 1.5GB/s), and then the newest SATA III is 6GB/s. Please do NOT purchase a SATA II device to plug into a SATA I connector -- you do NOT get the speed advantage of the SATA II device." And John recommends we read this article.