Smart Phone Vulnerability

        The smart phone is vulnerable to malware, as they're becoming (or already are) more like a computer than a phone.  Helping keep us informed of problems Jim Hamm sends us several links.  He points out there are a couple of apps for the iPhone: AntiVirus Lite and Virus Barrier.  Jim says at this point he hasn't researched either to see if they would be worthwhile to run.
        Here's an article from Gizmodo discussing the VirusBarrier.  An article from the NewYorkTimes (1-25-12) writer Kate Murphy claims that an engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute can hack into your cellphone just by dialing the number.  He can remotely listen to your calls, read your text messages, snap pictures with your phone's camera and track your movements around town -- not to mention, access the password to your online bank account.  The engineer told her it was trivial to hack into a cellphone and that the instructions on how to do it are available online.
        Keep up with this sensitive topic.  We'll be hearing more . . .