Show Your Photography

        Many of our PMUG friends are talented with their cameras.  Have you made a photo into a picture postcard?   
        Carlene Hardt took these photos and Peter tells us, "Small batches we print at Costco as 4x6 photos and then Carlene attaches a self-adhesive back to make it a postcard. The backings come from Photographer's Edge. They have a WIDE variety of products:

        "They also have dozens and dozens of card frames you can put the photo in to make photocards:

      "Larger batches we have commercially printed as postcards, with custom information on the back side. We use Prints Made Easy who do a great job, , but we do occasionally have issues with getting certain colors right."
        With a jpg of the postcard you can drag it to iPhoto and highlight it when it comes up on the album page.  Up comes a little arrow at the bottom right side, giving you several choices.  You can also click Create at the bottom right side of the iPhoto page, and find out how to order cards, albums, books, and calendars.  Under Share you can order prints, from 4"x6" up to 20"x30".  (Plan ahead for those creative Christmas gifts!)