Sending iCal Reminders to Your Smart Phone

        Both Jim Hamm and John Carter have some useful info.  Jim starts with, "If you've already subscribed to text messaging from AT&T (or Verizon) and use iCal as a day timer for appointments, etc., you might take a read on this article. You can set iCal to send a text message to your phone to alert you for an appointment. A pretty slick idea if I don't say so."
        Jim continues, "I ran into a slight problem in going through the instructions: I couldn't identify what an 'ME' card is in my Address Book as the article describes. When I clicked 'Card' in the menu bar the dialog box showed 'Go to my Card' as grayed out and not clickable. Apparently I don't have an 'ME' card. Any suggestions here appreciated."
        John jumps in here, "A 'ME' card is your personal vcard in the address book (as in 'this is ME'). If you don’t have one, create one. Follow the instructions from this website to find out all about a ME card and how to create one."