See Lion Tomorrow!

        Rumors are flying this morning, and Jim Hamm helps us out.  Possibly Lion will be released tomorrow or Thursday.  He sends this link from 9to5mac revealing rumblings about Lion distributing caching centers.  It suggests that customers who walk into the Apple store could purchase Lion from the Mac App store and download it directly from the store server in minutes, rather than hours it takes over a normal broadband connection.  This article reveals that Find My Mac, a new Lion feature for locating and wiping your Mac remotely, also works when one boots into the recovery partition.  This lets a Mac owner use another machine to locate and wipe out their stolen Mac's hard drive even if the person using it is not logged in.
        THIS JUST IN:  This article quotes Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer that Mac OS Lion launches tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20.  And this from Apple Insider says Lion launches tomorrow, and tells about Migration Assistant Update, needed for the update to Lion.