Security Concerns

        Keep up with the latest information on computer security problems.  The recent Black Hat conference underscores how vital computer security is, and how much Apple is at risk.  Jim Hamm found two articles from InfoWorld that we need to read. This one and this other one
        Here's the parts Jim wants to emphasize, "The author—who, interestingly, is a full-time principal security analyst at Microsoft— observes the following: 'So when I'm asked if Microsoft or Apple's security is better than the other, it's not a question even worth answering. Overall, computer security is pretty bad. Nearly any company can be hacked, with just a little research and know-how.'"
        And here's Jim's emphasis:  "OS X or Windows—it doesn't matter—one should just use common sense and caution on the internet. As for 'Cloud' computing or storage, I personally would never store anything of a personal or critical nature on a server somewhere. I prefer to have my 'offsite' storage on an external hard drive that I can store where I want."
        With all the new devices, iPhone, iPad, etc. along with our personal computers the personal information floating around, available for any hacker is astounding.  Thanks, Jim, for sharing your viewpoint.