Secure From Hackers?

        The headline brought attention to a new hackers' method:
        Time to get John Carter's opinion of the serious possibilities.  This is what he has to say,  "This technique takes advantage of the audio input/output on the computer. Most notably, the computers mentioned were a Lenovo business computer. Also mentioned was Linux. Now, if Linux computers can be hacked like this, so can a Mac or any smart phone or tablet.

        "The security measure mentioned is to turn off the audio and mic, and this can be done just by muting both the mic and sound. (No, I hadn't heard of this before.)"
        But then John goes on, " Now, if you really want to be afraid of your computer being hacked—even a Mac—look at method #3 in this link.
         "The hackers are teaching each other how to break into any computer by posting their findings on the web."  So, what can we do?  Keep alert to what's going on, so we can take action to avoid these problems.