Screen Sharing Explained

        Explaining screen sharing, John Carter says, "Now that I have Mountain Lion on my iMac and having discovered that iChat has been replaced with iMessages, I poked around until I discovered that screen sharing is still available with Mountain Lion. It just wasn't as obvious to me as it was before. Now that I know where it is and how to show my Buddy list, getting to screen sharing is actually quite simple.

        "The Buddy list in iMessages is the same as with iChat, so no surprises there. If the Buddy list doesn't show up right when you start iMessages, the hotkey Cmd-1 will bring it up or put it away (it's a toggle, just like in iChat).
        "The real change is that the old iChat is now broken up into iMessages and FaceTime. You can start a video chat in either FaceTime or iMessages, but you can only start a text or voice chat in iMessages and you can only do screen sharing in iMessages. When doing a video chat in iMessages, it brings up FaceTime."
        Got it?  If not, let John Carter know.  He teaches SIGs and helps make computers easier to do!