Satisfied with Your Cable Company, etc.?

        David Passell's sharp eye for interesting info found this and he writes, "I was not aware that so many people 'hate' their cable company. How about (is it associated with any listed in their table?  
        "NOTE: I thought CenturyLink was my landline telephone service which also provides Internet (speed 'up to' 10 MB. around 1 where I live, I am told). My personal feeling is until internet content delivery is not dependent on a two-way interchange of information (unlike off-air TV, satellite, and radio) between server and client there will always be a problem. The people who make money would not be happy with a different arrangement:(."
        Here's one article:
        Here's the American Customer Satisfaction Index, ACSI, dated May 2013.
Apple leads the cellular telephone score from ACSI, shown on page 13.  A graph of customer satisfaction by industry is shown on page 17.