Safari's WebProcess

The following discussion about Flash is pretty much moot in light of the fact that Adobe Flash SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED on your Mac. if you need to access a site that requires Flash, use Google Chrome instead of Safari because Chrome includes a version of Flash that is secure. (Editor, 8/26, 2015) Continuing with yesterday's post on Safari below we learn more from both Jim Hamm and Prez Art Gorski. Jim starts today's conversation with, "I just installed ClicktoFlash to see what effect, if any, they might have in at least slowing down the increase in RAM usage of WebProcess. Here is another article on controlling Flash. "I had read about ClicktoPlugin here, but since it prevents Safari from launching plug-ins automatically I wasn't sure about using it. I'll wait a bit to see the effect of the two apps I did install before trying ClicktoPlugin." Jim summarizes, "As a general philosophy I try to avoid, or at least minimize, the use of third-party apps because that's often where trouble starts when one has a problem with the OS. In this case, though, I'll give the two apps a try—and may try the third one as well."  Prez Art Gorski offers some observations now, "ClicktoPlugin is the replacement for ClicktoFlash and is exactly the same except that it works on many other things besides Flash. If you install ClicktoPlugin, you must remove ClicktoFlash. "ClicktoPlugin is configurable so you can determine how it behaves. For example, there are 2 websites where I allow Flash to load automatically while I block it everywhere else. It's made my web surfing MUCH faster and more enjoyable. "I also use Ghostery to tell me what advertising and data collection spying plugins each website is using. Except for Google Analytics, which I have no problem with, I tell Ghostery to automatically block everything else. Again, a boost to my surfing speed and protection for my privacy." Art clarifies, "These are not 3rd party applications, they are web browser extensions, which are much less likely to cause problems. But in general I agree with you and avoid 3rd party apps that will prevent me from updating my OS. That's why I don't use 1Password, an otherwise excellent utility, as there is a constant stream of updates you have to keep up with, (I use Wallet instead). Is the problem solved?  Jim Hamm responds to the latest info above:   "Thanks, Art. After reading your clarification of ClicktoPlugin, watching the video that Elaine found, and reading the FAQ about ClicktoPlugin here, I think I'll give it a try. I'll uninstall ClicktoFlash first. Based on a very preliminary use of ClicktoFlash it has seemed to slow the increase of RAM usage in WebProcess. This is a short-time test only, and I think the ClicktoPlugin will help even further. Jim signs off (for now) with, "I like the concept and additional security of 'sandboxing' using WebProcess in Safari in Lion, and this plug-in will, hopefully, let me enjoy this security without a huge RAM penalty."