Rumor of Changes to iPhone

         The headline "Fury at Apple's 'rip-off' plan to make ALL iPhone accessories obsolete by changing design of socket" grabbed our attention. See the article for yourself.  Jim Hamm commented that he'd seen other blogs with the same rumor, "If true, it will affect us as well. We own several radios with docking stations that fit our present iPhone 4 but won't work at all with the new iPhone if the connector is changed. Do I like this? No. Do I understand that electronic devices change and, hopefully, improve? Yes. Think about all the people that had devices that played 8-track tapes. Ditto for cassette tapes. Then CDs came out. Think about all the equipment that became obsolete with the release of each new device.
        "I don't think Apple is changing devices to be mean or increase sales of new accessories. They probably have a valid technological reasons for making the change. Will be interesting to see what Apple comes out with." 
        Here Jim gives some advice, "When people complain about Apple's closed-loop system, high prices, technological advances, and marching to their own drum, I tell them if they don't like what Apple does, that's okay. Don't complain. Buy something else." 

      But, Jim, do you suppose someone will come up with an adaptor or connection device that will allow the two to work OK?  Succinctly Jim answers, "Possibly."  So, we'll watch and see.