Ready to Blog

Ready to blog?  Why?  Why not?  It's fun, it's easy.  Take a tour, watch the video, read the Buzz.   Maybe you've noticed this PMUG newsblog and have seen the results of the new template: "Simple." You have other choices in Template Designer.
(Double click to enlarge the following illustrations.)

It's easy to post text, photos, links.  You can restrict who can view it or set it up so it is available to all on the Internet. 
Note: you must allow Cookies in order to post to your blog, but you can delete them and change to "Never" when you're finished posting.
 Like other features on Mac you will have fun experimenting and learning by doing.  Take a look at other blogs and see what you like.  Type "blog sites" and explore.
This is the menu bar for our PMUG blog.
Try it -- you'll like it.  If you have a blog ready to view let us know.
(The above is the April 16, 2011 handout at the PMUG meeting from Elaine Hardt.)