Pure VPN

For your possible interest, and as a follow-on to my discussion of VPNs (Virtual Private Network) last Wednesday at the Az-Apple meeting, I recently purchased PureVPN for $69 for a "lifetime" subscription. Details here. Although it says "lifetime", the initial subscription is for 5 years; then, presumably, one can renew for another 5 years free. One can use PureVPN on 5 devices. I've installed it on two iPads, a MacBook Air, and a PC running Windows 10. So far it seems to be working fine, and, in theory, will protect me from snoopers when I'm on a public wifi network -- which I use frequently when we travel.

I'm not necessarily recommending PureVPN -- I'm only letting you know about a VPN service that is reasonably priced, and seems to work well -- at least so far. A review of PureVPN can be read here.

Initially I had some difficulty getting it installed on my Mac (first installation) due to a password problem. Ultimately found out that I needed two sets of passwords -- one to get the program and another set (different) to use the program. With this knowledge, installing it on my PC (last installation) was dead simple -- and I'm using PureVPN as I type this on my PC..

The first set will be your email address and a password, and the second set will be a username and password you will need to actually log in and start using the VPN service. Keep this in mind and you should have no problem. PureVPN has a 24/7 live chat service, and from them I found out my password problem. This chat service was helpful.

If you only use wifi at home on a secure network, you probably don't need a VPN service. But, if you use public wifi, the use of a VPN may protect you from snoopers. If you use cellular on your iPad or tablet, then you won't need a VPN as a cellular connection is considered reasonably secure from snooping.

Here's a short video from David Pogue ( Editor for Yahoo Tech) that will show how exposed your computer might be in a coffee shop on public wifi.

Jim Hamm