Problems Noted with Lion Server

        David Passell noted this link with info on problems being experienced with the Lion Server,  It "may not be of interest to us clients, but someone might take notice."
        John Carter has found some solutions!  He writes, "It should be noted that David’s note about bugs with Lion is specific to Lion Server, not the standard release of Lion.
        "I am having only one problem with Lion. When running Mail in full window, it is quite difficult to push my mouse to the edge to unhide the Dock. It is easier to switch to Finder and then unhide the Dock.
        "Okay, another problem with running Mail using the new look is that if I am starting a new message, like this one, and want to check out some other message I either have to cancel the current message, save it, open the other message, read it, then grab the saved message in the Drafts to continue where I left off. Or, I can open a new viewer window which then complicates things if I forget which one I’ve been working in. There doesn’t seem to be a way to switch between the different viewer windows using just the keyboard, so the mouse is necessary for that operation.
        "A little practice can make things perfect - it’s all a matter of getting used to the new features and not caring about how complicated they have made your life."