Prizmo for Photos

        Prizmo for Mac! John Carter passes along some new info.  "Now you can use your digital camera to get 'scanned' images of documents, and no matter how badly shaped they are, you can straighten them up with Prizmo. Better yet, if you take photos of a page from a book or magazine, you can even run it through the built-in OCR and turn that image into editable text. Wow!
        "So, you've taken some photos and found that your lens introduced some warping effect? Straighten that image with Prizmo! This should be great for those super wide-angle or fish-eye lenses that invariably introduce warped images.
        "For the stingy among us, the price tag on this app is only $39.95. That's a far cry from the $129 for ReadIris Pro. One user review says Prizmo actually works better than another so-called professional OCR app."