Privacy! VPN

        What about privacy using your computer when you're not home?  Jim Hamm has something to say about that.  "Although I don't need a VPN (virtual Private Network)  all the time, we do travel frequently and use public wifi in places such as RV parks, restaurants, motels, airports, libraries, etc.          
        "For the added security, occasionally a VPN would be handy when I'm on a public wifi network. To that end, I recently purchased, installed and am using a VPN called VPN Unlimited. For a short period of time a lifetime subscription is available for just $39. Look here
         "This VPN comes from a company called Simplex Solutions. Look here
        "After doing some research, in theory I've got the following with my VPN: a lifetime license (the app says 100 years when I open it...(grin); unlimited data -- no cap; no throttling of internet speed (I haven't experienced any slowdown); adequate servers around the world (the one I'm using now is in California); available on 5 devices (one can be deleted if a new one is to be added); the program is available for OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android; and, best of all, so far it works...(grin).
        "Now, I'm not a poster child for VPN Unlimited, nor a commissioned salesperson. Since the $39 deal is a limited time offer (at least I think so), I just wanted to pass this on in case you might have an interest in trying this VPN."  So, give Jim a grin when you see him.  He's sharing lots of good info with PMUG.