Printer Upgrade, Download Precautions

Today’s advice is copy the settings you’ve got on Mac for your particular printer. Here’s how and here’s why.

Look at System Preferences > Print > Fax. Go to Options and Supplies to then access General and Driver. Copy these numbers. Easy way is to do a screen shot (Command + Shift + 4) and pull the target-looking lines over the parts of the window you want to copy. Then drag the screen shots onto Pages; file one set on the computer, print another set out for a paper folder in the file cabinet.

Here’s why:  Yesterday, automatically up popped an upgrade notice on Mac. Besides a little upgrade for Safari there was one for the HP printer. Of course, keep current, so click it on. Everything went well, etc. until this morning when awakening the printer and clicking to print something. The printer couldn’t find itself. It took a little hunting around, trial and error, but now all is well. It happens that this exact HP model is not listed in the long list under Printer Set Up, General, and Driver. What works for HP LaserJet P4515n is the designation HP LaserJet 4350. All is well. Keep good records.