Precautions About Java

        Got Java?  Note these precautions forwarded to us from Jim Hamm. 
        "Here's another article describing the risk of keeping Java enabled on your browser.  If you need to access websites that require Java, I like the suggestion in the article to have a browser set aside for this purpose. I think Chrome might be good for this. As I've mentioned previously, I have Java disabled in Safari and haven't had any problems accessing websites. It seems there are fewer of them nowadays." 

        Jim goes on to say, "I'm surprised that Oracle hasn't been more aggressive in patching Java and making it more secure against malware. There is some debate going on between Oracle and Google on who "owns" Java.  See this article. 
        "Regardless of the court outcome, I think it's wise to disable Java in your browser, just to be on the safe side."
        But Jim, is Java the same as JavaScript in the Preferences in Safari?  "No, they are completely different programs."