Pictures Around Prescott

Have you discovered Granny J and her Walking Prescott blog? She takes pictures, and pictures, and pictures! De Prez Allen Laudenslager alerted us to her blog, and I wrote to ask if she uses Mac. Her reply, "Yes, I produce my blog on a Mac with a lovely HUGE screen running OS X 10.5.8," and "No, I don't belong to any local photography group. BTW, of the local bloggers that I know they're all Mac users." She gives us these links to local bloggers Foolswoode, Dagny's Desk, and Airstream Chronicles.

Now, adding to our info comes this from Jim Hamm this morning.  And De Prez has lined up one of Granny's friends to speak to PMUG.

Jim adds, "As I read Granny J's blog--and viewed her many pictures--I found that she is 80+ years young and has a way with words. And takes darn good pictures, too. Then, there's three other blogs to take a look at, as well. People like to express their thoughts--a creative talent urging to get out, I suppose--and a blog is one good way to do it.

"When viewing the 'Airstream Chronicles' blog take a look at the 'Image Galleries' then click 'Prescott' in the drop-down box for some images of Whiskey Row early in the morning, and of the Courthouse all lit up for Christmas.

"Each blog has its own distinctive style and means of expression. As time permits, browse around a bit."...Jim

And this morning, De Prez announces, "I asked Jenny if she would like to speak, but she begged off since she feels she only uses the simple stuff. I told her that many of our members would like to hear about that since many would be encouraged to try those simple solutions themselves.

"She referred me to the blog Airstream Chronicles, also local, and the author, Rich Charpentier,  agreed to speak at the February meeting. More details later."