Photographers' Tips

        Want to see what Gimp can do?  John Carter sends this info:  "Here’s an image that has been slightly modified by GIMP - the corners of the image have been rounded and a drop shadow added. Click on the image to highlight it to see the original full size.

"Gimp makes it dead simple to round the corners of an image. To do this, choose Filters > Décor > Rounded Corners. A dialog will open. Select the Edge Radius, which is the amount of curve, and if desired, click to add a Drop Shadow and then set the Shadow Offset and Blur Radius. You can select to work on a copy of the image (rather than the original), and select whether or not to add some background behind the curved corners – the current background color is used for this. Click OK to round the corners of the image.
        "When it comes down to it, only ONE step was required to achieve the above results.  Now compare that with the similar task in Photoshop here.   For additional Gimp tips, look here.