Pay by Credit Card?

        The eagle eye of Jim Hamm found this and he says, "By October 2015 all of our magnetic-stripe credit cards should be replaced by EMV-enabled cards, also referred to as "chip and PIN" cards. Here is an article with details about how these new cards work, and some possible vulnerabilities. One aspect of the new cards is that banks are now shifting the onus to us -- the customer -- for any fraudulent use of  a credit card. Now, most banks limit our responsibility to $50.

        "Another aspect the author mentions about the use of these new credit cards is the following statement, which I find...what's the right word -- amazing, disheartening?"
        "Preventing card fraud is a good thing, in theory. But researchers at the UK’s Cambridge University warn that EMV has not reduced fraud in countries that have implemented it. Instead, they say, banks have used EMV to shift liability for fraud losses onto consumers."