Parallels Confusion

        Got Parallels?  Got confusion?  Got frustration!  David Passell alerts us to this notice:  "Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac users:  It's your last chance to upgrade to Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac at an upgrade price!
        "Soon, Parallels will end support for Desktop 5 for Mac. That means no future software updates, no technical support and no discounted upgrades to newer versions of the software. We don't want that to happen to you. Upgrade today!   Hurry! Offer ends on 12/31."
        Here's where the problem becomes evident, according to David.  He writes, "If you open your Parallels 6 desktop and 'check for updates' you will be informed that Parallels is up to date, checking further you will find information that the Parallels' team has been working with Apple and that 6 is compatible now with Lion. So what is Parallels 7?
        "Trying to get further information, I went to their website and after getting logged in (I had to do the PITA of getting my PW in order with current email address) I got little, so I went to the phone number for information.
        "I was very quickly (after another PITA push button 1, ... 2, ... 1, etc.) got a representative. He, with an accent, had a bit of trouble understanding me, bad connection. (I remarked that 'maybe that's because you are in India somewhere' -- he laughed and said 'yes').
        "In any case, to cut to the chase I told him about the fact I get the message about upgrading to 7, I have Parallels 6 which says it is up to date. He said I should ignore the emails, and I suggested perhaps the message should say if you have 6 ignore this message. He said he would pass the suggestion on.
        "I still don't know why they have a 7 from 5, but no 7 from 6. Oh well, what the h---:) In any case, it apparently is not going to cost me 39.99 (or 49.99 if I delay)."
        And here David draws his conclusion, "Logic may run one way in the digital world, but in our squishy analog brains, never the twain shall meet--the twain jumps the twack."