Opera's Next Rendition is Available

        Here's Jim Hamm's report on Opera, following up on the earlier posting on June 3.  "I've been using, for a couple of days, Opera's next rendition of a browser entitled, appropriately enough, Opera Next 15. It is still undergoing development but is available for download for either a Mac or PC. I have it installed on both, and it has been working fine. Here is an article with a brief review of Opera Next. And here is a video of the browser.

        "One aspect of the browser that I particularly like is the small amount of memory the browser uses. When first opened it uses roughly 54 MB of memory, and only moves up to about 75 MB after extensive usage. The other browsers I use can get to hundreds of MB of memory consumed, and a restart of the browser is necessary to free up memory." 
         So, what does Jim suggest?  "If you like to explore a bit, you might give Opera Next a try. Here is the download website."