More on Snow Leopard

First thing this morning we hear from De Prez Allen Laudenslager recommending this article, “Faster, Bigger, Longer: How Snow Leopard Will Improve Your Hardware,” (8-31-09) article from Wired. Longer lasting batteries, bigger hard drive, faster everything, and tweaks gives SL more than $30 worth of new features. Yes!
Then scroll down to the link to “Apple Euthanizes PowerPC Macs with Snow Leopard.” Sigh!

Next Allen refers us to an article on Gizmodo with a list of apps that don’t run on Snow Leopard, followed by comments sent in, so far. Keep informed on your friendly PMUG news blog.

John Carter adds, "GnuCash does NOT work in Snow Leopard. If anyone has installed GnuCash on their Mac and want to continue using GnuCash then I recommend you install VirtualBox, then install Ubuntu 9.04, then install GnuCash in Ubuntu. You can copy your GnuCash file over to Ubuntu and continue using it with no side effects. And since you can run Ubuntu right alongside Mac OS/X (at the same time), you don't lose anything. In fact, you gain all the free applications that you can run in Ubuntu."
And here's today's note (9-1) from John Carter, "Quickbooks 2007 doesn't run on Snow Leopard and Intuit has no intention of supporting QB 2007 on 10.6. Intuit 'may' provide a bug fix for QB 2009 on 10.6, but don't hold your breath.

"Is there an alternative to QB on 10.6?Maybe MYOB Accounting Edge? Accounting Edge has been touted by some as way better than QB for business accounting."