More On NetNewsWire

Wondered why NetNewsWire doesn't give you a "new content" bullet? Art Gorski gives us this info. "If you use NetNewsWire as your RSS newsreader (instead of Apple's Mail or Safari), and you 'subscribe' to the PMUG website, you will have probably noticed that you don't get a 'new content' bullet when something changes on the website. But if you just select the feed you can see the dates when each website page was last updated, which is almost as good." (Double click on the illustration to see this example.)

Here De Prez Allen Laudenslager checks in to the discussion: "It must be a setting thing. I use NetNewsWire and get a new post bullet for our blog! I use the default settings and mine works exactly the same for the PMUG blog as for all the other feeds."
Anybody else want to help shed some light here?