Microsoft + Skype + What's Next?

         Keeping up with the latest news Jim Hamm fills us in with this,  "Here's an interesting article about Microsoft's Ballmer by Pogue of the New York Times. I happen to agree with Pogue's assessment. I don't think Ballmer has been good for Microsoft. And that's sad because Microsoft has been (and still could be) a great company with the proper visionary leader.

        "A similar fate could befall Apple as well. I think Tim Cook made a great COO. He's good at organizational functions -- production, inventory levels, timely deliveries, etc -- but I don't think he's a visionary. I really don't have a good inside grasp on Apple's management team, but based on what I've read Jony Ive seems to be a visionary at Apple. Others may be as well. Time will tell.
        "As a side note -- talking about Microsoft -- since Microsoft bought Skype the performance of Skype has deteriorated. It is difficult now to maintain a video connection on Skype. I don't know if somehow Microsoft has caused this, but something has happened. I've quit using Skype and now use Google+Hangouts. One can stay connected on a video chat -- much better than Skype. 

        And here's Jim's last comment, delivered with his trademarked grin, "I guess I'll just blame Skype's deterioration on Ballmer too."
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