Make a Better Blog

Our PMUG webmaster John Carter has been researching possibilities for improving the website and blog. If you're considering starting your own blog, or already have one, John's info might be helpful.

"I have no update for the website at this time other than saying that I have scrubbed the idea of using WordPress as the website editing tool. I have also had some difficulty with Dreamweaver for the past few months (which probably means I need to delete the user preferences for Dreamweaver like I did for Firefox to get it running right again). In the interim, I am back to using Coda on the Mac.

"A decent, and free, alternative for editing web pages is KompoZer - which is available for the Mac, Windows, and Linux. That app is every bit as good as iWeb on the Mac. That being said, if anyone takes over the webmaster job in the future, installing KompoZer will provide them with totally free tools for excellent WYSIWYG editing for web pages.

"An excellent alternative for designing new web pages is available in the form of templates using Artisteer, which is now available for the Mac ($49.95 for the Home & Academic Edition). Using Artisteer to cobble together a template and then exporting that template as an HTML file is probably the fastest and easiest way I can think of for creating new web pages with spit and polish. You can even (dare I mention this again) include a newsletter in such a template."