Magic Mouse Review, 1 & 2

First, here's a review of Mac's Magic Mouse from John Carter. "I have been using the Magic Mouse now for a little over a week (should have bought one from Jim Hamm when I had the chance).

"I get frustrated with that mouse quite easily. I'm used to grazing my fingers over the mouse while reading stuff. Doing that on the Magic Mouse can change everything! Side to side sweeps of the finger pulls up a completely different page. Forward and back sweeps scrolls through pages in a wink of the eye. Just when I think I've mastered using the mouse and I try to click on something I discover that I'm right-clicking instead of left-clicking, or I've grazed my fingers over the mouse and I'm clicking somewhere else.

"Really frustrating! Don't recommend the Magic Mouse to anyone with the shakes - or dancing fingers like me!  But I won't go back to the old mouse. Just looking at that sleek design next to my keyboard gives me warm feelings."

Now, here's a response from Jim Hamm. "John, are you talking about the new 'Magic' Mouse or the older Mighty (now Mac) Mouse? If it's the new Magic Mouse I think you'll get used to it. I love the scrolling action and use that feature constantly. I liked the old Mighty Mouse, too, but not near as well as the Magic Mouse. The scroll button on the old Mouse would get clogged up occasionally. The Magic Mouse does have a good look and smooth feel to it."