Magic Mouse Review

Apple's new Magic Mouse clicks and swipes and scrolls.  Look at it here.   Jim and Zee Hamm bought the new mouse and want to share their experience.

Jim refers to a good review of Apple's new Magic Mouse. He explains, "I pretty much agree with the writer's comments. Zee and I bought and are using the new Magic Mouse.

"Here are some of my comments. One item he didn't mention, and which I miss, is the ability to push the scroll button--like on the Mighty Mouse--and open Expose for all windows. I used that feature a lot. The other item not available is to be able to squeeze the two side buttons--again, like on the Mighty Mouse--to open Dashboard. I got around these two shortcomings--to me, anyway--by assigning a 'hot corner' for Expose to the upper left corner of the screen. I've got used to this now, and it works quick. For Dashboard, which I don't open all that often anyway, I just click the icon in the Dock.

"I was concerned the low profile might be irksome or fatiguing, but neither of which have occurred, at least for Zee or me. The mouse is easy to hold, glides effortlessly, and I really like how easy it is to scroll with the Magic Mouse. This is probably its nicest feature.

"And I also like that there is no button to get clogged up, which happened occasionally with the Mighty Mouse. The two-fingured swipe to go back and forth on open windows within a website takes some getting used to, but is handy once one gets the knack of it. You have to let go of the mouse and gently swipe two fingers across the mouse.

"Comparing the two mouses, side by side, is somewhat comparable to comparing, say, a Chevy to a new Lexus. Both work, but the state-of-the-art features in a Lexus are the coming thing. (Have you seen the Lexus ads?) The Mighty Mouse is an electro/mechanical design; the new Magic Mouse is pure electronic.

"Both Zee and I are happy we made the switch."