MacBook Pro hub that Apple should have made

Here is a story about a nice-looking hub that, in theory, will soon be released. It is available for pre-order now. Some caution is to be taken, though, as one doesn't know if, for example, it will actually be released, nor are reviews about it available yet. Will it work as advertised? If I were in the market for such a hub, I'd wait and see what the reviewers have to say about it.

Jim Hamm

This is the MacBook Pro hub that Apple should have made BGR

Apple's solution to the new MacBook Pro's lack of conventional ports is dongles. A lot of dongles. $250 of dongles, actually. But if you're not a fan of carrying around a bunch of white pieces of floppy plastic, there are other options (apart from buying a different computer, I mean). The most visually appealing is the Arc Hub, a new concept that sticks all the ports you'll ever need into an elegant circular hub. Despite the fact that just looking at it makes Jony Ive's dulcet tones appear Read the full story