Mac User Groups = Gems!

"I can't I can't begin to tell you how much being a member of PMUG has benefited me," exclaims John Carter.   He goes on to elaborate, "Getting the bits and pieces of news and information through the PMUG Newsletter (Blog) is one of the best resources we have. And learning about other Mac User Groups and peeking in on their activities is another great resource.

"For instance, looking at RIMUG (Rhode Island Mac User Group) I discovered in their quarterly newsletter a review about Vertus FluidMask, a Photoshop plug-in (or stand-alone) application that takes the pain out of selecting portions of an image that you want to mask out of a photo. Wow! What other gems are waiting for me to discover in the world of Mac User Groups?"

John refers to an earlier post with this link to US and World User Groups. Take a look and be amazed.