Mac OS X Dictation

This entire message was dictated on my Mac using the dictation feature that comes with OS X now. I did have to do some edits because the dictation is not 100% accurate. If I do not enunciate properly, then it will make up its own mind about what word I am trying to use. The downside of using dictation is that I need to be in a frame of mind to properly compose what it is I want to say and then say it. I am not in the habit of talking off at the top of my head while trying to compose a letter. It's quite different from just having a conversation with someone.

However, one major benefit of using the dictation feature is that i can lift text out of a book by simply reading the content.

If you haven't enabled dictation on your Mac, then open system preferences and select accessibility. In the left column, scroll down to the very bottom and select dictation. You probably should check the box for “Mute audio output while dictating.”

A complete list of dictation commands is available there. You can select the commands that you know you will use frequently. You can also check the box “Enable advanced commands" to make a specific subset of commands available. That might not be a good idea, because one of those advanced commands might be included in the text that you want to type out. You might unknowingly use one of those advanced commands while dictating and discover that what you are saying is not actually being typed out. You can even add your own advanced commands, but that involves advanced computer knowledge and skills.

Just to give you an idea I've How well the dictation works, his entire paragraph was done without any edits. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs back. As you can see, The first part of the first sentence doesn't quite make sense. It should have read, "Just to give you an idea of how well the dictation works, this entire paragraph was done without any edits." And I just added that last sentence by enunciating carefully. Another thing missing in the third sentence is a single quote mark in the word "dogs.” It should have been “dog’s.” So you still have to carefully read and reread and edit everything that you do.

John R Carter Sr