Mac Mentoring

Want to learn more about your Mac?  John Carter tells about opportunities to learn from a personal mentor.  Read on . . .

"The Prescott Library supports our club by maintaining a Mac laptop for use in our General meetings, our SIG meetings, and our Mentor activities. Currently, this laptop is only available to PMUG members and can only be checked out by PMUG Board members and Mac Mentors.

"Jim Hamm and John Carter have volunteered to be Mac Mentors at the Library. To arrange for a one- or two-hour session, please contact the Library Service desk, say you want to meet with a Mac Mentor, and you will be contacted by one of the Mentors to arrange a date and time. All such meetings will take place either in the Prescott Library.

"John Carter is also Mentoring at the Prescott Valley Library and the Prescott Adult Center. Call those locations for an appointment."