Mac Available in Library

Jim Hamm, De Previous Prez writes, "Here's an update on a new program at the Prescott Public Library entitled: 'Make the Most of Your Mac.' They have brochures at the front desk and a system in place to add Mac mentoring to their computer mentoring program. I've been working with the Library for them to purchase a Mac and to get this mentoring program in place. The Library has purchased a new MacBook Pro with the 13" screen. Initially, this Mac is available for use in our 'Beginning Mac' classes, and for use in the mentoring program. Later, it may be available for patrons of the Library to check out and use while they're in the Library. I'm very appreciative that the Library was willing to show this support for Mac users."

He goes on to explain, "Library patrons can sign up for mentoring on a Mac at the Library's front desk, or by calling 777-1526. The sessions are 1 to 2 hours duration, and may be repeated as often as requested. I'm doing the Mac mentoring as a volunteer at the Library. I'll bring a brochure to the PMUG meeting Saturday, and if you're in the Library stop by the front desk where they have a rack of the brochures and take a look.

"We sure are fortunate to have such a nice Library in Prescott--so supportive of the community with free meeting rooms available, wi-fi and internet access, computers for use, a computer mentoring program, and now a Mac. Let's remember this when it comes time for our annual financial contribution to the Prescott Public Library," and Jim ends with a grin and, "See you Saturday."