Lion: Aggravations?

        Reporting on his latest finds with Lion, we hear now from Jim Hamm.  "Here's an interesting article on a new 'feature' in Lion: it automatically determines when to turn off an app that you've opened and left running, but haven't used recently. Per the article, apparently Lion does this when more RAM is needed, and you're using about all the RAM available. I can see the logic behind this, but I think it might have been better for Lion to send a warning that more RAM is needed, so some apps need to be closed by the user. This gives the user the decision on which app to close -- not Lion.
        "I think this may only be a 'problem' if you have many apps open and need more RAM for Lion to function properly. So far I've not experienced this shutdown feature -- but I normally don't have a bunch of apps open at one time.
        "Another aspect of Lion that I've commented on previously: the 'Resume' feature in Safari is aggravating to me. When I close Safari and reopen, I want it to open only with my Home page -- not all ten or so tabs I had open when I closed it. There's three ways to get around this 'feature:' turn off Restore for all apps in System Preferences; use a Terminal command; hold the shift key when clicking and opening Safari -- or another app.
        Now Jim closes with a grin, "I had to laugh at the following statement the author made: 'Moreover, there’s a larger question at stake: Who, precisely, is in charge? I think it should be me, but Lion disagrees — and not in this respect alone.'  An interesting question. Who knows best: you or the big Apple?"