Let's Hear About Lion

        The news today is full of information and comments on Lion.  Jim Hamm sends this article on Lion security that introduces us to ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) and "security sandboxes," and this article on how to access your Library folder in Finder. He comments that Method 2 works fine.
        Jim also wants us to see this from the New York Times. Their last paragraph summarizes what they're trying to explain, "The Lion upgrade, in other words, is classic Apple: innovative to some, gimmicky to others, big leaps forward, a few stumbles back. It may never be the king of the jungle. But once the world’s software companies have fully Lionized their wares, and once Apple exterminates the bugs, Mac OS X 10.7 might be something even more exotic: a fast, powerful, good-looking, virus-free, thoroughly modern operating system."
        More news:  Lion will be available via USB drive for $69 from the Apple store in late August.