Learn anything in four steps

John Carter may have left the area and PMUG, but he is still providing information for the group. Dr. Richard Feynman’s four steps to learning: 1. Pick a topic you want to understand and start studying it. Write down everything you know about the topic on a notebook page, and add to that page every time you learn something new about it.

2. Pretend to teach your topic to a classroom. Make sure you're able to explain the topic in simple terms.

3. Go back to the books when you get stuck. The gaps in your knowledge should be obvious. Revisit problem areas until you can explain the topic fully.

4. Simplify and use analogies. Repeat the process while simplifying your language and connecting facts with analogies to help strengthen your understanding.

Check out the video here.

Discovering that anything can be learned by teaching is by far the very best method. This is not a shortcut to learning because a great deal of time and effort goes into developing and practicing the teaching part. But I guarantee, based on my own experience, that you will learn.