Know How to do DVDs?

        Here's a SOS from David Passell.  Anyone want to write and describe the procedure?  David is trying to produce a playable DVD from a disk image ...  "a DVD in UDF format which I can give to someone with a commercial DVD player. I have done this numerous times before from disk images from DVDs I have made at church, and also have copied from tapes.
        "I have a friend that wants copies of the Oprah Finale which I copied from a tape. I made a couple, but lately it seems that I draw a memory blank.  I can't remember the procedure. I have burned a .dmg to disk and I get a disk with the .dmg on it which will not play on the machine. I turned the .dmg into a .cdr (CD/DVD master) and when I burn it, I get a disk with the .cdr on it which also will not play. There are just too many 'burn' choices."