Keyboard Shortcuts with Apple Mail

Everybody likes to save time.  Jim Hamm begins by saying, "One tip not mentioned, which I use often is Command+N to open a new message box to send an email." He sends us this article of tips for Quickly Managing Mail.  (If you, like me, prefer to read black type on a white background instead of white type on black background do this: Control+Option+Command+8 and rest your eyes.)

Throughout the whole time of using Mac, often we will spend time on checking and managing our mail. I personally like the default mail application for Mac:

In this trick, I am going to share with you some keyboard shortcuts that come in handy when we're going to manage our mailboxes, quick navigate mailbox, and handle message.

Managing Mailboxes

You will use these shortcuts often. You should quickly burn these into your brain.

Cmd-Delete → Delete selected mailbox item(s)
Cmd-Shift-L → Mark selected items as "Flagged"
Cmd-Shift-J → Mark selected items as "Junk"
Cmd-Shift-Y → Add sender(s) of selected items to Address Book
Cmd-Shift-K → Select all related messages
Navigating Mailboxes

And you can always use keyboard shortcuts Cmd-1 ~ Cmd-8 for quick navigation to other mailboxes.

Handling Message

In the case of handling message, these keyboard shorcuts would be very useful:

Cmd-R → Reply
Cmd-Shift-R → Reply All
Cmd-Shift-F → Forward
Cmd-Shift-E → Redirect
Cmd-Shift-B → Bounce
Hope these shortcuts will help you in increasing your productivity.  # # #