Keyboard Shortcut

        Here's a keyboard shortcut from Allen Laudenslager who writes, "After reading Art Gorski's post about boot commands, I thought some members might not be familiar with the most useful keyboard shortcut.
        "Press the command key (the one with a little apple on it) and hold while you press the space key. This will open Spotlight in the top right corner of your screen. What good is Spotlight? You don't have to search for the application or file you want to open. For example to open mail, you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to select mail from your tool bar, just open Spotlight, then type the word 'mail.'
         "For your word processor, open Spotlight and type in the name of the file (for a new document type in the name of your word processor - Pages or Word). If you click on the name of the document, the word processor will automatically open for you.
        "What is really neat is that as you type, Spotlight will create a list of files and apps that match what you have typed so far, including web pages from your browser history. Just use the arrow keys in the bottom right corner of your keyboard and arrow down to highlight the file, app, or webpage you want to open and then just press the enter key - you will open whatever you were looking for."
        Allen closes with, "Once you get used to it, you'll never search through finder looking for a file again. Unless, of course like me, you forget what you called the file last month and have to look for dates to jog your memory."
        And this just in from John Carter: "The tip that Allen gave about Command-Space to open Spotlight does not work on applications that have been newly installed or never opened since being installed. For all new or never-before opened applications, you have to launch the application from the Applications folder. I have been stunned by this short-coming more than once."