Jim's Teaching and Bobbie Will, Too

Along with the new SIG photo posted on the sidebar De Prez Jim Hamm explains, "I've been teaching Beginning Mac SIGs (Special Interest Group) classes at the Prescott Public Library, and here is a picture from the class yesterday. I try to hold a class each week, and the session lasts two hours. We usually have around 20 people in the class, and focus on the basics of using a Mac and OS X. It's free to members of PMUG (Prescott Mac User Group), and the attendees are appreciative of learning how to use their Mac. For some, this is the first time they've used a computer of any kind.

"That's my MacBook Air in the lower right corner, which I use to display whatever is on my computer screen onto a screen on the wall. The past two sessions we've been having fun 'surfing Safari,' the web browser for the Mac."

In May Bobbie Pastor will teach the Beginners' SIG, using the book, "Teach Yourself Visually" as outline for the sessions. She promises to "go at a slow pace" and hopes to hear from those who'd like to attend so she can schedule the meeting room. Email her soon: