Java & JavaScript Explained

        You've seen it, too.  Java.  JavaScript.  Are they related?
         Here John Carter explains what the difference is.  "Java and JavaScript are not the same. Disabling Java in the browser is necessary to prevent the possibility of getting one of the new Java enabled viruses. 
        "You have to have JavaScript enabled on your browser because nearly every web page has some kind of JavaScript in it. Currently, it is not possible to get a virus from JavaScript, but that was once said about Java.
        "JavaScript is language that has become popular with web designers to perform sophisticated operations. To view a web site that contains JavaScript does not require an application on the computer. To view a web site that contains a Java app requires that the computer have Java installed. However, the release of HTML5 may see the end of both JavaScript and Java in web sites."
        And John finishes today's explanation with this, "Updates will come out soon for Java that will make it okay to use with browsers, but like any other 'fix,' the hackers will find yet another undiscovered hole to give them an opportunity to pass on more viruses."