January - February 2008

Never a dull moment! January flew by. MacWorld made news, again. Now, we’re immersed in February, with a little wind, sprinkles of rain and photogenic flakes of snow. Ah, here comes the sunshine again. All the while our PMUG members have been busy and productive.

Bobbie Pastor contributed the photos on this page, and a slideshow of her photos were shown as screen savers at our February meeting.

David Passell is now our president. Bob Hale has resigned, citing opportunities in his personal and professional life.

Dan and Erica Simpson attended MacWorld in San Francisco. In addition to their blog at http://web.mac.com/twoweims/MacWorld2008/Blog/Blog.html we can view a slideshow at http://web.mac.com/twoweims/MacWorld2008/Photos.html that features some photos of California.

Jim and Zee Hamm also attended MacWorld in January. Scroll down past my closing words to read their glowing account.

David Passell’s article, “Keeping Those Old Macs Useful” was published in December. Check it out at http://lowendmac.com/myturn/my07/1210.html . From this site we also learn that David is referred to as General Lud.

SIG on February 9 up-dated members on events of the MacWorld. Following up at the General Meeting on February 16 Dan and Erica elaborated on some of the outstanding Mac and Mac-related products which made their debut.

Kent Jewell gave a presentation on iPhoto and iMovie with the addition of audio. We also learned about the problems that stick-on labels on CDs and DVDs can cause. Dan described the Epson printer carrier which enables directly printing on the discs.

As your newsletter editor I’m just getting started. It would be fun to hear what you are doing. Drop me an e-mail to edpr@commspeed.net with subject line including the words, “PMUG newsletter.” Thanks!

Elaine Hardt 2-17-08