IPv4 Addresses Have Run Out

Okay, this article may be a bit more technical than you would normally read, but I found it interesting. You may too, and it's worth a read -- at least I thought so. This article explains how every internet-connected device and website is assigned a unique number -- that's how they find each other. Briefly stated: all the unique numbers available under IPv4 (which is what we've been using for years) have been used in North America. What to do and what does this mean for you? That's what the article is all about. Go to IPv6. The article reminds me that I probably need to update the router we have in our house. It is an Apple Extreme Router, and I believe it is about 8 years old. Still working fine, but it does need to be upgraded, for a variety of reasons -- not just because of eventually going to IPv6.

Jim Hamm