iPhone Picture-Taking, Shopping Benefits

        Do you take pictures with your iPhone? was the question that started us off.  Jim Hamm willingly obliged and went into detail.  Apparently, the iPhone camera is a good feature when shopping.
        Jim explains, "For me, there are two big advantages to using the iPhone as a camera: first, I always have the iPhone with me, and I don't have to carry a camera around. Second, I find it particularly useful in the following situation: say I'm in a store and see something that I think might be useful/pretty in the house or condo. I know I don't dare buy something for the house or condo without Zee's approval (years of experience talking here), so I just take a picture of the item, email it to Zee, call her and tell her to take a look at it and call me back. This has been very handy.
        "Yesterday, for example, she wanted me to place some hooks in a certain place in our condo. I went to Home Depot, found two sets that I thought she would like, took pictures, emailed them to Zee, she looked and picked the set she liked and called me back.
        "From reading this—and other—articles on the iPhone's camera I've learned it is a pretty darn good camera. We've been pleased with the results of the pictures we've taken. And the camera in the upgraded iPhone 4S (which we don't have) is supposed to be even better."
        The article that caught my attention was from National Geographic.  Jim wrote, "Thanks for the link.  Interesting article.  In our house, Zee is the 'picture taker' on our trips, so she'll enjoy the article also, and maybe can add some comments."
        "Convenience, light-weight, decent pictures—all make the iPhone's camera handy to have around," Jim closes with a smile.