iPad Used in Many Commercial Places

        Here's a blurb forwarded from Jim Hamm from an article http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/ipad_squashes_laptops_on_way_to_world_domination/ on different ways the iPad is being used in a commercial basis. Jim grins, "Just imagine walking into a restaurant and the maitre de saying, 'your iPad will be right with you.'"
        This article says, in part, "In the same way, restaurants are increasingly using iPads as a substitute for printed menus, even allowing customers at a table to place orders, largely eliminating the need for a waiter. A recent article in The New York Times makes clear just how far and how fast this cultural shift is occurring in still other areas:
        "Macy’s is testing cosmetics stations where tablets offer reviews and tips. At C. Wonder, shoppers use a touchpad to personalize the lighting and music in dressing rooms…Nordstrom [has] introduced an app [that customers use] while shopping at Nordstrom rather than approach the sales staff. Nordstrom has added Wi-Fi to almost all its stores, in part so its app will work fast, and is testing charging stations and clusters of iPads and computers. Samsung [has been] considering adding iPads that offer live video chat with a Samsung salesperson at stores like Best Buy.
        "While some may lament the loss of human interaction (and possibly jobs) that this shift may engender, I doubt such concerns will slow down the locomotive."