Introducing Our Officers for 2012-2013

         Art will continue to serve as President this year!  We appreciate his leadership for PMUG.  
        He started with punch cards and FORTRAN programming in a freshman year college class in 1969. After getting his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering he became interested in the microcomputers that were just coming out in the late 1970's. He took a continuing education class at the local university and learned how to program the 6502 microprocessor in hexadecimal machine language. Since this was the same processor used in the new Apple II computer, Art ended up purchasing one in January of 1979. It's serial number 660, and he still owns it.
        Joining the local computer club, he decided to change careers and go into programming for a living and wrote programs in assembly language and FORTRAN for real-time flight simulators. He bought an original Macintosh 128 in early 1985, and eventually upgraded it to a Mac Plus. Later Macs included a PowerBook 100, PowerBook 2300, PowerMac 7200/90, and a G4 Cube (still owns it).
        Art retired and moved to Prescott in 2007 and spends his time running a couple of websites and programming Mac applications using Real Studio. He has a very sophisticated gigabit home network with a network attached storage server. 
      Dave first encountered the computer era when he had to learn FORTRAN in 1969 at Cleveland State University. That is where his programing career started and quickly ended. After graduating from U of Illinois, he spent the next thirty-five years selling technology products to Fortune 100 companies. After starting with Xerox, he moved on to represent companies like, Vydec, Exxon Information Systems, NBI, Inc, Octel Communication Corp, Lucent Technologies, Innerwireless and Adomo.  The products and systems he sold included items like Xerox copiers, word processing systems, local area networks, corporate voice mail systems, in-building wireless systems and unified messaging systems.  
        In 2008 he retired and moved from the Chicago area to Prescott and spends time as a SCORE counselor helping entrepreneurs start a business or improve their business, attending OLLI classes and learning more about Macs.
        After working with PC’s for twenty-five years, he finally migrated to Apple’s Mac platform ten months ago and as the saying goes, “doesn’t want to look back.”  He says the PMUG group has been an excellent forum to shorten the learning curve with Mac and to learn all the shortcuts that make using a Mac so enjoyable.  His primary organization responsibility as Vice President of PMUG is to determine topics and find presenters of those topics for each monthly meeting. Please send him your ideas on topics you would like to learn more about.

      Bobbie continues in the position of Secretary! Bobbie has been with the PMUG group since 2005.    She remembers that it took three months to get her name on the books and a name tag.  She has strived to welcome new members and have their name tags made by the next meeting.  She has added many new tasks to the job.  
      Bobbie's skill development as secretary to PMUG has been basically "seat-of-the-pants".  She did complete two years of junior college with a secretarial major and worked for Uniroyal Corp as a production secretary for three foremen.  Her observation was that the ladies working on the production floor made more money, didn't have to buy clothes for work and NEVER took the work home to finish!  So, Bobbie quit that job and got a job with Laura Scudders picking and packing potatoes chips.  It was right down the street from where she lived and she wore old clothes that had to be hung in a special closet because of the smell of chips and peanut butter.  But she was making twice as much money.  This production experience qualified her to apply to Kimberly Clark in Fullerton, Ca where she worked for 33 years and retired with a pension!
       Bobbie sold her home at the top of the market and had a huge garage sale on everything else.  She moved to Prescott, AZ in 2004.  She had gone through Prescott on the way to Sedona in 1991 and fell in love with the town square.  
        She was catapulted into the PMUG Secretarial position in 2005 (fourth meeting) because the current Secretary was moving out of state, and has developed the job so well, that no one would even think of volunteering to take that detailed-oriented, time-consuming  job over, on a bet!  Bobbie is Secretary for life!
        Besides being Secretary and organizing the annual picnic, Bobbie has taken on the task of offering Beginning Mac SIGs.  She has had some down time on that task this last year.  She plans to resume this classes, however,  later this year.  Due to the Library charging for rooms, Bobbie will hold her SIGs in her home with a limit of 10 members.  She has to catch up on the new operating system and install it on her computer as well as the club's computer.
Bobbie is Vice-mum for her Red Hats chapter.  She is creating a free website just for the Diamond Chics.  She loves to garden and has a very high maintenance landscape.  She is interested in creating photos and takes John's Digital SIG every month.  She shares her life with a "special needs" Jack/Rat terrier named Archie.  Archie is totally blind and socially challenged, but in spite of his peccadilloes, he has volunteered to man the projector  during our SIGs.

      Another term as treasurer for David; three cheers!    David’s degree is from USC in Telecommunications (TV and Radio production) W56 as broadcast engineer/DJ for KUTE in Glendale, CA, then Chief Engineer for FM station WNCN in NYC.
      In 1961 he was telecommunications engineer at JPL (analyzing spacecraft data, writing reports, and writing FORTRAN programs). He did technical writing (IBM, Litton, Associated Writers, Conrac) retiring in 1996 from Ameritec, Duarte, CA.
       Betty and David came to Prescott in 1996. His Mac history: Apple II - 1978, MAC portable - 1991, Mac TV - 1995. Currently he has a MINI, an iMAC, and a G3. In PMUG since 1997, he’s been President twice and continues as Treasurer.
       David is also a member of the PCS (Prescott Computer Society), Yavapai Amateur Radio Club (YARC), and does video recording for his church.