Interesting Possibilities: Past, Present, Future

        David Passell found this title in a BBC article and sent it on.  But there was another link there that is also thought-provoking for the future. Here's what David sent:  "The title of the link caught my eye,  'Mac and the Micro.' 

      "So I went to it expecting to see something about what our beloved Macs or their iPod, iPhone, iPad offspring had to do with an early computer pioneer named Ian McNaught-Davis and a BBC programme of the 80s. However; much of his work has found its way into our everyday computing so I thought i would send it."
      With interest piqued, we went on to what’s happening with computing education and technology in Britain?  A controversy has brought out several articles from the BBC.  Interesting to see about the Year of Code and how they (we) got to where we are in computer technology.  
        Where does the future lead?  See the link to “The Internet Through a Light Bulb” which describes what will be demonstrated next week in Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress.