iCloud Info

        Here is a series of helpful articles on iCloud from the "Basics4Mac" newsletter sent to us from Jim Hamm.  He says, "I've set up iCloud and one use of it I'm impressed with is how it syncs to all your devices. For example, a friend notified me of a new email address while I was reading on my iPad. I changed my contacts list on my iPad and made a mental note that I've got to change the new email address on my two Macs and iPhone. This is easy to forget to do—for me, anyway. When I opened contacts on my MacBook Air to do just that, voila, it had already been changed! For anyone subscribing to MobileMe (I don't), this will be old news. But for me, this syncing process is very helpful.
        "Unfortunately, iCloud will only sync certain things—not everything on your Mac. Thus, say, if you've only got one Mac and use Time Machine to backup, then iCloud is probably of limited use to you," Jim concludes.