iBook Update

        Here's the latest from Jim Hamm on the subject of iBook.  "One major advantage, in theory, of an ebook over a printed book is the ability to do updates electronically. Imagine how handy, and cost effective, this would be for text books for schools or on-the-job training manuals. Here's one writer's comments on his experience of updating a book he recently purchased from iBookstore.  
        "(A side note: the Scottsdale Library just notified me this same book is ready for me to pick up and read today. I'm looking forward to reading it). One responder to this article mentions an item I hadn't considered: how does one know which part, or parts, of the book has been changed?
        "What if, say, you have a big medical textbook and a notice comes out there are important changes to the book. How does one know where they are? Do you have to scan the whole book? Nah, that doesn't make sense. Do changes come out in red or bold or italicised?  An intriguing question, and one that surely has been addressed. I just haven't read about it yet."